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Past ODA Issues

  Three Grassroots Human Security Projects Selected for Improving Quality of Life in Amhara, Gambella and Somali Regions 16 February 2012
  Japanese Embassy signs three Grant Contracts for GGPs  20 March 2012
  Japan's Vision and Actions toward Low-Carbon Growth and a Climate-Resilient World 29 November 2011
  Japan Provides Emergency Disaster Relief Supplies to Somalia Refugees in Dollo Ado Camp in Ethiopia 7 September 2011
  Delegation of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives visits Africa 7-8 March 2011
  Japan Hands over Wheat worth 124 million birr under Food Assistance Program to Ethiopia 1 September 2011
  Ninth Annual Bilateral Policy Dialogue Held Between the Governments of Japan and Ethiopia 23 August 2011
  Japan Hands over Goods and Equipment worth 174.6 million ETB for Emergency Water Supply Programme 29 August 2011
Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding for "Provision of Solar Systems for Rural Capacity Building Project" 16 August 2011
  Japan provides 5 million USD for emergency food assistance to those affected by drought and conflict in the Horn of Africa 22July 2011
  Japan starts resesrch on the establishment of rural development, model applying clean development mechanism (CDM) in Ethiopia 13 July 2011
  Japan hands over equipment worth 203 million birr to cope with landslides in the Abay gorge 12 July 2011
  Japan Extends 1.4 billion Ethiopian birr to Ethiopia 9 June 2011
  Ambassador of JAPAN together with Kaizen team visit Matador Addis Tire plc. 18 May 2011
  JAPAN Extends 144 Million Birr Grant Aid to The Government of ETHIOPIA 25 June 2010
  Japan Extends 474 Million Birr Grant Aid to the Government of Ethiopia 18 March 2010
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Past Issues on Grassroots and Human Security Projects (GGP)

【GGP Projects in 2011】
Japan Supports Educational Improvements in ATSBIWENBERTA, TIGRAY Region 29 December 2011
Two Grassroots Human Security Projects Selected for Improving Water Supply in AFAR and AMHARA Region 13 December 2011
Japan Supports a Project Providing Skills for Life in LOGIYA, AFAR  17 December 2011
Embassy of Japan supports the construction of milk processing center in Haramaya 3 December 2011
Japan Supports Improvement of Access to Social and Economic Services for the Residents in DEBUB ARI WOREDA, SOUTH OMO Zone, SNNPRS 18 November 2011
Japan Supports a Water Quality Improvement Project Applying a Japanese Traditional Technique 19 November 2011
Embassy of Japan Supports Improvement of Health Facilities in the DEMBIA WOREDA, AMHARA Regional State 15 November 2011
Japan Supports Improvement of Educational Environment in AWASA ZURIA, SIDAMA Zone, SNNPRS   11 November 2011
Japan Supports Improvement of Access to Secondary Education in Two Villages in WOLISO Woreda, SOUTH WEST SHOA Zone, OROMIA 30 October 2011
Japan Supports Orphanage Project in MEKELLE, TIGRAY Region 29 October 2011
Japan Supports Improvement of Educational Environment in KAMBATA TAMBARO Zone and WOLAITTA Zone, SNNPRS 9 October 2011
Two Grassroots Human Security Projects Selected for JFY 2011 in Sidamo Zone, SNNPRS 29 September 2011
An Inauguration Ceremony for an Ethnic Minority Group Project in Gobara Village, Amhara 24 September 2011
Four Grassroot Human Security Projects Selected for Supporting Education Sector in ETHIOPIA 7 September 2011
The first Grassroots Human Security Project for the Japanese Fiscal Year 2011 selected for Enhancing Basic Human Needs in Ethiopia 3 August 2011
Japan Supports Fuel wood collectors through Bio-Farm Project 23 July 2011
Sanitation Project employing persons with disabilities 31 May 2011
Disability is not inability: Project to promote disabled people in NIFAS SILK-LAFTO Sub-City in ADDIS ABABA  30 May 2011
School Project in SEKA, JIMMA ZONE, OROMIA REGION  25 May 2011
Project for the elderly in ADDIS ABABA 14 May 2011
Project for improvement of educational environment and water supply Yejoka, Guraghe zone, SNNPRS 14 May 2011
Project for construction of irrigation system and water supply for the rural people in Wuchalle Woreda, North Shoa Zone, OROMIA 10 May 2011
Project for community development in Bambasi Woreda, Benishangul GumuzRegional 29 April 2011
Japan Supports Educational Improvements in Alemgena ketema, Orimia Regional State 14 April 2011
Japan Supports Expansion of Secondary and Preparatory School in the Derashe Special Woreda, SNNPRS 4 March 2011
Japan Supports Educational Improvements in Gomma Woreda, Jimma zone 26 February 2011
Japan Supports Safe Water Supply with Solar Energy in Jeldu, Rural Oromia 20 February 2011
Japan Supports the Construction of Patient Staying Centre in Dire Dawa 10 February 2011
3rd Round of Grant Contracts Signed for Human Security Projects with USD 599,505 14 February 2011
Japan Supports School Expansion Project in Dermemusa, Oromia Region 5 February 2011
Japan Supports Project for Poor Expectant Women in Bole Sub-City, Addis Ababa 29 January 2011
Japan Supports Formal Education, Improved Safe Water Access in Remote Areas of Benishangul Gumuz Regional State 21 January 2011