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Monbukagakusho, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology(MEXT) offers various scholarships for non-Japanese nationals wishing to study in Japan. In Ethiopia, the Ministry offers scholarship programs for Research Students, Undergraduate Students and College of Technology Students.

  Matters that require attention

1. Eligible Nationality
Only those with Ethiopian Nationality may apply through the Embassy of Japan in Ethiopia. Non-Ethiopian citizens should apply through the Japanese Embassy/Consulates in their country of citizenship.
2.Types of Scholarship
  The Embassy of Japan in Ethiopia only offers:
  Research Student
  Undergraduate Student
  College of Technology Student
  * please click the above programs for further information.
The Embassy cannot accept applications for other programs.

3. Others

Depending on the COVID-19 situation, the schedule of selection provided here may change anytime or the selection process can be canceld with short notice. Any change will be announced here, it will not be informed individualy. Please visit this website regularly for updates.

Please read the guideline carefully before you apply to make sure you meet the qualifications required.
Documents submitted are non-returnable.

Submitting applications by hand is not acceptable. The deadline for applications to reach the Embassy is 31 July, 2020.  
Please send to:
Embassy of Japan
Cultural and Press Division (MEXT Scholarship)
P.O. Box 5650
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  Screening Process

1. Primary Screening
  1-1. Documentary Screening
    Applicants must submit sets of documents as enumerated in Application Guideline to the Embassy of Japan no later than 31 July, 2020. Incomplete application and and application received after this date will not be processed.
  1-2. Written Examination (tentatively in September)
    Those who pass the Documentary Screening will be invited to the Written Examination.
  1-3. Interview (tentatively in September)
    Those who pass the Written Examination will proceed to Interview Session.
  1-4. Issurance of Passing Certificate for the Primary Screening (tentatively in September)

Those who pass the abovementioned process are issued a Passing Certificate for the Primary Screening.
and supposed to start a contact with Japanese university for Addmission (Issuance of an Acceprance Letter).

2. Secondary Screening
  The Secondary Screening will be conducted by Tokyo, based upon the evaluation of the examination and application set submitted to the Embassy.
This screening will be conducted world-wide competition.