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Ikebana -Flower Arrangement -


On 4 and 5 November 2012, the Embassy of Japan, in collaboration with the Japan Foundation, organized a workshop and a demonstration of Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement given by three visiting Ikebana experts. Their visit is part of an African tour that included Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Kenya.

pieces of work made by the Master Instructor Mrs. Ishikawa during the demonstration

While opening the demonstration at his residence, Japanese Ambassador H.E. Mr. Hiroyuki Kishino explained Ikebana or ‘Kado,’ as ‘the way of flowers,’ which has more than 500 years of history in Japan, adding, the charm of the Sougetsu style which the experts follow is that it recognizes Ikebana as a creative art.
“The flowers that the Ikebana experts are going to arrange tonight will ‘come alive’ or ‘become lively’ in front of our eyes, with inspiration and creativity.  It will be Ikebana which is especially inspired by flowers in Addis Ababa and the people of Ethiopia”, Ambassador Kishino said.
Masters at the Demonstration   Audience of diplomats, government officials, international organizations, etc.

Following His Excellency’s remarks, Master Instructor Mrs. Misei Ishikawa and her team showed their amazing talent creating nine different arrangements. Her contemplation and insight were especially appreciated in her arrangement using the colors of the Ethiopian flag, and another arrangement using the traditional Ethiopian ‘injera’ basket-Mesob-as the base.  

The creative combination of Master Instructor Ishikawa’s movement with her team on the stage seemed no less than a symphony orchestra that enthralled participants captivating their hearts and minds for over an hour.

Ambassador Kishino and H.E. Wzo.Roman Gebre-Selassie, Government Whip, working on "Ikebana"

Master Mrs. Ishikawa (right) showing Ikebana basics at the workshop
Mrs. Ishikawa also gave a workshop on Japanese Ikebana on 4 November. This workshop was designed to cultivate creative art and bring out inner imagination of beauty through combining flowers, leaves and vases in a specific space. Different ideas and imagination were displayed by the participants.

The Ikebana workshop and demonstration is the fourth event of the Japanese Cultural Series in Ethiopia this year.

The workshop was attended by H.E. Wzo. Roman Gebresillasie, Government Whip and Chairperson of the Ethio-Japan Friendship Group at the House of Peoples’ Representatives and Ato Dina Mufti, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Ambassadors, members of the diplomatic corps, Flower Farm owners, friends of Japan and the media attended both the workshop and demonstration.

Local Flower expert participated in the Workshop


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