| Japanese (日本語)
March 2018 Edition  
- Japan Assists UNESCO IICBA Project for Peace Building  
- Japan Supports Expansion of Facilities of Water Technology Institute  
- Japan Continues Providing Humanitarian Assistance to Refugees and IDPs  
- Japanese Pharmaceutical Business Delegation Visits Ethiopia  
- Japan Hands Over Ambulances to Oromia, Somali Regional Health Bureaus  
- Grant Contracts for Eight Grassroots Human Security Projects  
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January 2018 Edition  
- Japan-Ethiopia Foreign Ministers’ Meeting  
- Japan extends USD 51 million for three projects  
- Second Phase III High Level Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development  
- JT becomes majority shareholder of Ethiopia’s NTE  
- Japan and FDRE-PSTC Co-organize Conflict Prevention Course  
- Japan provides schools for South Sudanese refugees in Gambella  
- Ethio-Japan Academic and Student Exchange Fair 2017  
- Japanese Music Group offered exhilarating performances  
- Reflections on the Taste of Okinawa Song and Dance  
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July 2017 Edition  
- Ethiopia Investment Commission and Tomonius Co.Ltd. Sign MoU to develop Japanese Special Economic Zone at Bole Lemi II Industrial Park  
- Japanese bussiness delegation holds discussion with President Mulatu, PM Hailemariam  
- Japan, FDRE-PSTC co-organize Post Conflict Recovery Course  
- Japan continues assisting Peacekeeping Operations in Africa  
- Japanese Grassroots Grant Assistance supports construction of Women Sewing Training Center in Adama  
- Japan installs gastrointestinal diagnosis medical equipment at St Paul's Hospital  
- Japanese "Sport for Tomorrow" initiatives provides badminton rackets and shuttles to the Ethiopian BadmintonFederation  
- 100 studentscompleted basic and advanced Japanese language training from the Japanese Language unit of the Mekelle University  
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March 2017 Edition  
- Japan signs USD 50 million concessional Yen loan agreement for Women Entrepreneurship Development Project  
- Japan Inaugurates New Water Supply System, benefitting 91,000 household in SNNPRS  
- Japan, FDRE-PSTC co-organized Conflict Management Course  
- D.G for Africa Affairs Ambassador Osuga met Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh  
- Japan inaugurates Grassroots Human Security, dedicated to enhancing basic human needs in Ethiopia  
- The Government of Japan to fund a UNESCO IICBA project on Teacher Training and Development  
- Embassy relocates its premises  
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March 2016 Edition  
- Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan H.E. Katsuyuki Kawai and H.E. Presidnet Uhuru Kenyatta jointly announced the dates of TICAD VI  
- Japnanese Foreign Affairs State Minister, H.E. Mr. Kihara Seiji held bilateral meetings with seven African Foreign Ministers  
- Ambassadors visited Great Renaissance Dam  
- Ambassador Suzuki calls on international community to share refugee burdens  
- First UCC coffee quality contest in Ethiopia  
- Simple type water treatment system with Japanese technology  
- Japan Inaugurates New Road  
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January 2016 Edition  
- MoU signed to establish JETRO office in Addis  
- Japan's Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs visited Ethiopia  
- JICA President visited Ethiopia and AU  
- Order of Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star for H.E. Ato Newayechristos  
- Japanese Parliamentarians visited Ethiopia  
- Looking for east to seek Asian Model: Ambassador Suzuki speaks at the Ethiopia Summit  
- Japan completed Capacity Development Project for Countermeasure Works Landslides  
- Natinal Day  
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October 2015 Edition  
- PM Abe announces to establish JETRO office in Addis Ababa  
- Africa-Japan Bussiness Investment Forum  
- Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs Minoru Kiuchi Attended the 3rd FfD  
- Japan and Ethiopia Held the 13th Annual Bilateral Policy Dialogue  
- Japan-Supported First Geothermal Project Successfully Discharges  
- Celebration Reception for the Recipients of ABE Initiative Scholarships  
- Japanese Coffee Company to Hold Coffee Quality Contest in Ethiopia  
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July 2015 Edition  
- Message of Congratulation from H.E. Mrs. Akie Abe, the wife of Japan’s Prime Minister, on the Occasion of the Cornerstone Laying Ceremony of the Project for Establishing a new Garment Training Center for Underprivileged Women in Selam Children’s Village  
- Ethiopian Airlines commences direct flight to Tokyo  
- Japan extends 100 million birr to support Ethiopia’s quality growth  
- Japan extends USD 11.8 million to South Sudanese refugees, host communities in Gambella  
- Japan inaugurates New Water Supply System  
- Japan hands over schools in Afar, SNNPRS   


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March 2015 Edition  
- Message of Ambassador on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Japan and Ethiopia  
- Japan inaugurates new Awash Bridge  
- Japan contributes assistance of USD 3 Million to the AU  
- Unleashing opportunities for African women in Agribusiness  
- Japan inaugurated water point in Afar, signed eleven additional projects  
- Local, international media visited japan supported project on Oromia, SNNPRS  



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December 2014 Edition  

Parliamentary delegation visits Japan

- Japanese Prime Minister Abe receives son of famed marathon runner Captain Abebe Bikilla  
- Hiroshima sapling, a symbol of resilience and peace  
- Ambassador pays visit to Tigray Region  
- Japan, Ethiopia held the 12th Annual policy Dialogue  

JICA, EKI organized Kaizen Seminar

- Japan Festival colorfully celebration in Addis Ababa  
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October 2014 Edition  
- Japanese business delegation visits Ethiopia  
- Japan makes useful input to the first KAIZEN Council Meeting  
- Japan's emergency grant aid in response to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West African countries  
- Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development held with the Ethiopian Government supported by Japan  
- Celebration Ceremony for the Recipients of ABE Initiative Scholarships  
- Japanese Ambassador visits South Sudanese refugee camps assisted by WFP in Gambela  
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July 2014 Edition  
- Minister Kishida Attends the First TICAD V Ministerial Meeting in Yaoundé  
- Ambassador Hands Over Gift of Appreciation to President Mulatu  
- Japan Extends 100 Million Birr Grant Aid to Ethiopia  
- Outstanding Enterprises, TVETs Receive National KAIZEN Award  
- Japan Inaugurates the Telavi Bridge at the Birth Place of Captain Abebe Bikila  
- The Order of the Rising Sun for Ambassador Mahdi  
- Japan Builds an Advanced Curriculum for Ethiopia's Peace Support Operations  
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March 2014 Edition  
Message from the Ambassador  
Embassy News Highlights  
  -E/N signing for direct Flights between Narita and Addis Ababa  
  -Japan, Kenya the AUC MoU for Pan African University  
  -Japan-Ethiopia Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development held in Addis Ababa  
  Japan Contributes Additional Assistance of USD 5 Million  
  Aluto Langano Geothermal Drilling Commences  
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November 2013 Edition  
Meesage from the new Ambassador  
Embassy news Highlights  
  - Japan hands over Fertilizer to Ethiopia  
  - Japan supports improvement of educational environment in Dulessa Woreda, Afar Regional State  
  - JapanSupports improvement of education environment in Awash, Afar regional Stae  
  -Japan Supports improvement of education un SNNPRS  
  -One grant contract for GGPs signed  
  -Japan assisits educational projects in Somali, Gambella Regional States  
  -Japanese Business Mission visited Ethiopia on Africa tour  
  -The African Union Commission (AUC) dispatches Second Batch of Youth Volunteers.  
Culture Column  
  -5th Japan festival  
  -Japan Film Festival  
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October 2013 Edition  
Ambassador's message  
Embassy news highlights  
  -Embassy,MOFED conduct annual bilateral policy dialogue on economic cooperation  
  -Japan extends assistance to the ethiopian PKO training center  
  -Embassy of Japan signs three grant contract for GGP  
  -Japan inagurates project in SNNPRS, somali reginal state  
Culture column  
  -Japanese wadaiko(drums),flute performances  
  -Farewell and welcome!  
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July 2013 Edition  
Ambassador's message to readers  
Embassy News Highlights  
  -Parliamentary vice-minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan visits KAIZEN site  
  -Japan Extends 1.55 bilion birr for road and walter  
  -Japan and Ethiopia sign first ever partnership in Africa  
  -JEAS general assembly head  
  -Mekelle unibersity Japanese language unit graduates  
"Japan design today 100" Design exhibition held in Addis Ababa for the first time  
Japan gerden -A symbol of long, Friendly relations between Japan,Ethiopia  
Japanese music project  
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TICAD MPM 16-17 March 2013 Edition  
Prime Minister's Message  
Message from H.E. Hiriyuki Kishino, Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia and permanent Representative of Japan to the African Union  
  -Pioneer on African Development  
  -Open Policy Forum Involving oOther Partners  
  -Constant Adjustment to Changeing African Needs  
  -Respect for African's Ownership and Partnership with Africa  
  -Institutionlized Follow-up Mechanism  
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March 2013 Edition  

Embassy’s News Highlights


-Completion Ceremony for hominid research related facilities

  - Japan Extended 109 Million birr to Ethiopia  
  - MEXT Scholarship granted to 6 Ethiopian students  
  - Japanese Girls Day marked with elegant tea ceremony  

Message on the Occasion of the 2nd Anniversary of 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami



  -18 Grant contracts signed for the JFY 2012 and Three project inaugurated in January and February,2013  
Obituary;Mr.Ichiro Otake, Culture officer and Editor of Newsletter  
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November 2012 Edition  
Ambassador's message to readers  
Stetement by Mr. Yoshihiko Noda, Prime Minister of Japan on the Passing of Mr. Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia  
Logo for TICAD V decided  
  - Ikebana -Flower Arrangement  
  - Japanese Film Festival successful  
  - My First Impression of Japan: Pliteness and High -Tech  
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July 2012 Edition  
Ambassador's message to readers  
The State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Yamane attends the 21st Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the African Union  
Embassy News Highlights  
  - Water Supply Facilities and Equipment for Tigray Region Worth 284 Million ETB  
  -4 GGPs inaugurated in the last 4 months  
  -The 4th School Visit -St. John Baptist De La Salle Catholic School  
  -Mekelle University, Japanese Language Unit graduation  
Special Feature -Japanese Martial Arts  
  -Embassy organized Kendo Demonstration  
  -Karate Masters from Japan visit Ethiopia for training with Ethiopian Karate Federation  
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March 2012 Edition  
Ambassador's message to readers  
  on the Occasion of the First Anniversary of the 3.11 Great East Japn Earthquake and Tsunami  
Embassy's News Highlights  
  -Completion Ceremony for hominid research related facilities  
  -Japan Extendes 109 Million birr to Ethiopia  
  -MEXT Scholarship granted to 6 Ethiopian Students  
  -Japanese Girls Day marked with elegant tea ceremony  
Ptoto Exhibition at National Museum  
Japan in My Ethiopian Eyes by Mekonnen Teshome (The Ethiopian Herald)  
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January 2012 Edition  
Ambassador's message to readers  
Embassy's News Highlights  
  -Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs visits Ethiopia  
  -Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam visits Japan  
  -3rd Japan Festival takes place  
  -Emperor's Birthday celebraterd at Hilton, Addis Ababa  
Special Feature  
  -Press Tour in SNNPRS & JIMMA  
  -Interview with Professor Shigeta  
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October 2011 Edition  
Ambassador's message to readers -Japanese Cultural months-  
Embassy's News Highlights  
  -5 million USD for emergency food assistance to those affected by drought and conflict in the Horn of Africa  
  -Ninth Annual Bilateral Policy Dialogue  
  -Emergency disaster relief supplies  
  -Japan hands over wheat worth 124 million bir to Ethiopia  
  -7 GGP projects inaugurated over the last 4 months  
Special Feature -Cultural Events in sep/oct/nov  
  -Leonard ETO's Blendrums East Africa Tour 2011 opens in Ethiopia  
  -Embassy Opens Japanese Pottery Exhibition at Modern Art Museum  
  -Japanese Films showing at the Ethiopian Film Festival  
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July 2011 Edition  
Ambassador`s Message- Japan will remain committed to Africa and Ethiopia  
Ethiopia donates 5.4 million birr for 3.11 REconstruction  
Delegation of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives visits Africa  
  -JApan extends 1.4 billion birr for road, bridge and school construction  
  -9 GGP projects inaugurated over the last 3 months  
Art & Culture  
  -Mekelle Unoversity graduates students in Japanese language  
  -The 2nd JEAS Assembly discusses Annual Cultural and Grassroots Exchnages  
Interviw with Ato Lulseged, the former MEXT scholar  
Embassy to hold Pottery Exhibition  
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March 2011 Edition  
Ambassador's Message to readers
-Appreciation for Condolence on the Earthquake and Tsunami-
President Girma offers condolences to the entire people and Government of Japan  
The Current Foreign Minister of Japan, H.E.Mr. Matsumoto, attended the 18th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of AU  
Japan Ethiopia Almuni Society (JEAS), 1st General Assembly Held  
Embassy News Highlights  
  -Japanese Kei Akagi Jazz conquers Addis Ababa  
  -Girl`s Day Celebrated colorfully  
  -Prof. Hirano held Public Lecture in Mekelle and Addis Abab  
  -GGP over the last 3 months  
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January 2011 Edition  
Ambassador's Message to readers  
Embassy News Highlights  
  -Japan Festival 2010 in Addis Ababa  
  -Karate Specialists in Addis Ababa  
  -Japan Supotrs Ethiopia through GGP  
  -Japan Supports Japanese Langiage Lab at Mekelle University  
Interview~Ms.Biruktawit Tigabu-founder of Whiz Kids Workshop  
Column~Let's go Naked-an introduction to Japanese Onsens  
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