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Great East Japan Earthquake

【Donations and Supports from the people and Government of Ethiopia】  
  ETHIOPIA Donate 5.4 million birr for 3.11 Reconstruction(23 June 2011)
  President Girma offers condolences to the entire people and Government of Japan (11 March 2011)
  Dashen Fujiyama Society Donates 32,083 Birr For 3.11 Reconstruction
(27 May 2011)
  A poster of encouragement fron the Pan African Youth Union(10 May 2011)
  Children express condolences with drawings, paintings, cards on the Earthquake and Tsunami
  Two University lecturers hand over donation for Fukushima 50(12 July 2011)
【Statements by the Government of Japan】
  Message from Prime Minister Naoto Kan Regarding Assistance Received from Oversea (22 March 2011)
  Kizuna -The Bonds of Friendship-
【Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake】
  Great East Japan Earthquake
(Prime Minister and his Cabinet)
  Recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  Japan Travel Updates after the 3.11 Earthquakejnto  
  Information on safety in relation to radioactivity level