Ambassador ITO contributed her article on “How TICAD8 can benefit Ethiopia's Economy, Society and Peace and Stability”

 Ambassador Ito contributed her article to the Ethiopian Herald and the Reporter on the outcomes of the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD8) which was led by Japan and held on 27-28 August in Tunisia.
In her article, Ambassador Ito pointed out various challenges that Ethiopia now faces, as well as introduced how TICAD8 can benefit Ethiopia’s Economy, Society and Peace and Stability.
In particular, she mentioned that during the Business Forum, which was one of the main events of TICAD 8, several MOUs was signed by Japanese company exclusively for the business in Ethiopia, and that the construction of TICAD Human Resource Development Center for Business and Industry, a mile-stone project focusing on "investing in people", is expected to be completed in March 2023 in Addis Ababa. In addition, she also introduced that Japan provided the support for school construction projects and mobile clinics to improve maternal care in remote areas, as well as touched upon the cooperation in the field of Peace Keeping Operation (PKO).
Ambassador Ito’s contributive article published on 24 September is made available as follows: